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PET K. 076


Product Description:

PET Resin is a general purpose food grade PET copolymer resin that is suitable for a wide variety of application like containers and films. Koksan Pet Resin offers an excellent strength characteristics like dimensional stability and mechanical properties. 

PET Resin is suitable for injection, injection stretch blow molding and extrusion application mainly for carbonated soft drinks, water bottles, alcoholic beverages, households, oil, agrochemicals, wide mouth containers, PET sheets and film extrusion.




Test Method

Intrinsic Viscosity


0,76 ± 0,02

ISO 1628-5



max. 1

ASTM F-2013-01







min. 90

ASTM D-6290



max. (+1)


Melting Point


246 ± 2

DIN 53765

Moisture Content


max. 0,2

DIN 51777 Part 2 (09/74)

Chip Size

g/100 chips

1,6 ± 0,2 Spherical




 max. 100


Form No: LB-S-003-00
Issue Date: 27.11.2013
Revision No / Date: 00



Technology of Our Resin / Advantages


Chips Spherical Shape

Chips Cylindrical Shape

Pellet Shape / Spherical





No dust generation during conveying

Our Manufacturer PET Resin is produced using the latest state-of-art MTR technology with spherical pellet shape which ensures smooth conveying in long pipelines with near zero fines generation.

Save Energy during drying / injection process

The uniform spherical surface allow for easy flow of air around the PET pellets and not having any sharp corners helps in consistent drying at lower temperatures, saving valuable energy.

Uniform IV within Resin Pellet


The final viscosity is reached in the melt phase by MTR (Melt-to-Resin) Technology. Since the reaction continues in the melt phase, the IV is uniform within pellet. This property gives the polymer easy melting behavior. In the conventional technology, the final viscosity is attained in SSP (Solid State Polycondensation) process. As it is know, the heat transfer coefficient of PET is very low. So, the viscosity is not uniform within pellet.

Low AA generation during drying and injection process


The low crystallinity and heat of the resin provides unique advantages of low residual acetaldehyde generation in injection process and also lower energy requirement for bottle production.Low Dust Content in Resin Pellet KÖKSAN latest state-of-art MTR with hot cutting technology ensures very low dust content in the resin pellets which helps superior product quality afterwards process.


Processing Conditions

The Processing condition depends on machines, product size and mold design.


Drying Temperatures

160 – 180 ͦC

Drying Time

4 – 6 hours 

Injection Temperatures

260 – 280 ͦC



We advise to our customers to use 8 – 12 ͦC lower temperature and 30 – 60 min lower drying condition compare with the other PET resin which is produced with conventional SSP technology. In addition to drying process, decreasing temperatures around 8 – 12 ͦC during injection process give better results in our standard injection application.


 Handling and Storage

Keep Containers closed.
Store only original containers.
Storage temperature: Ambient
Keep away from ignition sources and flame.
Store cool and dry conditions in sealed container.
Keep away from direct sun light and rain.
Take precaution against static discharge. Because the friction of particles can produce electricity so,
earthing can be installed, if necessary.


The above results confirm to our specification for type K-076.All above mentioned results are based on Manufacturer PET Resin Laboratory conditions and its analytical methods shown. Any other/different analysis methods or conditions may give other/different values. The Manufactured PET Resin material will be accompanied by its Certificate of Analysis, with the relative representative average values of specified method/results.


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